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Internet: the latest trade opportunities

Information technologies represent the most rapidly growing domain of the world economy. Software products are being actively developed in the fields of Internet trading, electronic payment systems and e-commerce. New technologies arise in response to market needs, but in return they massively influence back the market itself.

Internet trading is the most progressive and effective way of trading. This Internet-based technology almost completely automates conducting and recording of virtually unlimited number of trading transactions.

Internet trading grew up along with the development of new information technologies providing users with the opportunity to immediately receive prices for securities/ currencies, as well as to conduct transactions via the Internet without buying expensive professional equipment. It gives an opportunity to trade not only to the professionals, but also to any other interested individuals. As a matter of fact, today information technologies determine the face of financial markets.

The world financial markets are becoming more and more integrated, and Russia participates in this process as well. Internet trading came to Russia in spring 2000, when Moscow Inter-Bank Currency Exchange (MMVB) provided direct access for stock and currency trading over the Internet. Since then, the share of online sales transactions via the Internet has been constantly growing. By now it has reached 70% of the total number of transactions, and 50% of the total turnover. Intense competition among brokers providing Internet trading services resulted in the significant tariff reduction for this kind of service. As a result, stock trading has become affordable for the wide circle of investors.

Along with the stock market, Internet trading has been actively used in other financial market sectors, such as public stock, foreign exchange, etc.

The expansion of B2B e-commerce goes along with the enhancement of mechanisms for business interaction, in particular with development of electronic payment systems.

E-marketplaces focus on technologies for commercial information exchange, online intercommunication, and electronic document circulation. At the same time banks and financial structures improve the quality of their Internet presence and aggressively work out their online service offerings.

As a result, the usage of Internet for conducting online trading between businesses in Russia steadily becomes more and more commercially effective.

At the present time three main lines of development of Internet trading solutions could be distinguished: finding new customers, providing comprehensive Internet-based customer service and creating/ supporting new forms of financial business. Internet trading in Russia is less developed than in Europe or in the USA. The best Russian IT systems are created on the base of information terminals, and are primarily focused for information delivery, rather than for automating complex financial processes.

Novosoft LLC. offers full range of products and services facilitating effective use of Internet for building and improving enterprise businesses. Creating of e-commerce solutions is a core competency for the company. Financial portals, online payment systems, information processing systems and many other software products are among Novosoft software solutions in that area.