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  Chart Generator

Custom Project Name

Chart Generator: Internet Decision Support System

Customer (country)

A brokerage house

Business Case

Many critical business activities require careful analysis of various market data. A large brokerage house needed to boost efficiency with a special tool that that could compare the data collected with goals, norms, and standards, in order to identify, describe, monitor, and evaluate market indices and trends. The data analysis system in place was inadequate and difficult to use. The user interface was cumbersome and the software itself was unable to handle all of the data analysis. Consequently, engineers were required to manually extract data and process it on their own PCs. This process was frustrating and very time-consuming.


Novosoft has developed a client-server internet application that can be used in conjunction with the customer's intranet, as well as with most recent technologies, including JavaTM and HTML. Having narrowed the focus of the analysis to a given problem, Novosoft developed a solution that combines numerous features of classic desktop analysis tools with the usability of internet-based tools.

Java applet gets data from some database and builds charts according to preset parameters. User has a possibility to set parameters by clicking corresponding buttons. With the search facilities it is possible to analyze hundreds of securities, automatically using user-defined search criteria. The possibility to define and save up to six indicator sets as well as up to six Trade Systems enables users to rapidly analyze securities in their portfolio.

Tools and Technologies

Java, Java applets, Symantec Visual Cafe, HTTP

time savings in performing data analysis
intuitive user interface
strong integration into customer's operating environment
possibility to mail chart to friends & colleagues

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