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  Diodes web site reconstruction

Custom Project Name

Diodes web-site reconstruction

Customer (country)

Diodes Inc. (USA).

Business Case

Diodes Inc. is a top semiconductor components manufacturer with many distributors worldwide. Corporative web site is an important information source for sales representatives & clients about the company & its products. The number of published semiconductor component descriptions on the web site is more than a thousand. Each description includes component picture, technical documents in "pdf" format & other information. Descriptions about new components developed by Diodes staff are published everyday. That process is time-consuming and expensive (more then two hours working of highly skilled personnel). Tangled web-site navigation inconvenienced sales representatives and repulsed visitors. Qualified specialist to successfully resolve all of the above shortcomings were needed.


The solution offered by "Novosoft LLC." includes web site redesign and back-end reconstruction. New web site design and navigation system were created first. The Diodes web site was built using Flash, JavaScript, SSI and CSS technologies. The same technologies were used to save conceptual integrity of a web site. New design & smart navigation alone increased web-site traffic twofold. At the second stage was developed a Web site content management system that considerably reduced publishing time for new descriptions. Now Diodes personnel need only 25 minutes (fivefold time economy) for adding component description.

Tools and Technologies

SSI/JavaScript/CSS/Macromedia Flash/Perl/PHP, Linux

New smart navigation increases web-site traffic more than twice.
With the help of the automated content change unit the time necessary for input and the publication of new descriptions has decreased 5 times.
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