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Handy Backup 7.3.0: WebDAV Software Features and Smart Restore

Hi there!

Traditionally, autumn brings fruits, and Novosoft has prepared the exceptional software result: the next step in the Handy Backup software evolution, version 7.3.0! Dear friends, welcome to try the super fruit!

Let’s say a few words about innovations in Handy Backup 7.3.0 (it surely worth it). What’s new?

  • WebDAV plug-in gives you capabilities to use Handy Backup to transfer data to and get your files from great cloud storages, as Dropbox,, Yandex.disk, and others supporting the WebDAV protocol. The awesome news, the new version became WebDAV Handy Backup!
  • Is it useful? Of course! Imagine a situation when you use the service for collective editing of documents, and somebody by accident removed the latest version of an important file. Previous using of plug-in WebDAV Backup Handy Backup allows to make backup copies of the files and quickly recover data in case of need. Well, since you’re already using storage, why not keep it not only documents of the service, but also other important data? Handy Backup is suitable for use WebDAV-servers this and other services for the task.
  • Czech localization has been renewed!
  • Restoring backups after moving them. Just make the task of restoring backup and enjoy the result, no matter where the backup has been created or stored.
  • Immediate Handy Backup plans.Support of Amazon Glacier Store. So, you can see that Handy Backup keeps the reputation as one of the most cost-efficient solutions.Browse-able disk imaging: this will help you to view the contents of the disk image as if it were a normal logical disk system, and restore only parts, not the whole image (image, snapshot) totally. The possibility greatly saves time and, in particular, will be very handy for backing up Windows 7, before migrating to Windows 8.

Do you think the new features are stunning?

    Yes. Great! Download the thing now!

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