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backup to ftp Handy Backup allows to backup to ftp, flash memory USB drive and from ftp.

bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.

RTF TO XML RTF TO XML converts RTF to XML documents with the XSL FO specification.

Freeware & Shareware software On you can find any type of free games : Crosswords & Puzzles, Arcade, Cards & Casino, etc.

website testing Testing Master is website testing tool which analyze website bottlenecks.

backup software Novosoft Office Backup is an easy-to-use reliable backup software designed for windows.

Remote backup Novosoft Remote Backup Service - backup and storage of important data on secure remote server.

Password Management Directory Password Management Directory - password management software, password articles, software reviews.

Backup Schedule All about Backup Software - Hard Drive Backup Software, Server Backup Software, Online Backup Software. Decide which backup variety best suits you.

Backup Utilities - various backup software for data backup to FTP, ZIP backup and others.

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105 Challenger Road, 6th Floor
Ridgefield Park, NJ 07660 U.S.A.

Initially, we were concerned working with Novosoft because of the fact that the programmers do not reside in the US. After a few weeks though, our worries dissipated as we found ourselves working with a solid IT management team with experienced, competent ASP/MS SQL/Site Server developers. The end result is, a CyberCash supported, mid-size, ecommerce site with an online catalog subsidized by Samsung, Inc.

Daphne Wong
Internet Development Manager
Samsung, Inc.
Samsung America, Inc.

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Astra Classic

Project Description:

Astra Classic™ is the golf professional's choice for polos, knits, pants, and windbreakers. Astra®'s innovative designs have extraordinarily accomplished to combine both utility and sophistication. Astra Classic™ was first launched in Korea in 1986, and has since grossed more than 30 million dollars in revenue. Due to its extraordinary success, after two years of market research, the Astra® line was finally brought to America in 1999. As in Korea, the Astra® name has come to represent quality, function, and style. Designed with an "active cut" in mind, it is no wonder Astra® is the choice of professionals worldwide (for more information, please visit

Technical Project Description:

ASTRAGOLF.COM is a CyberCash™ supported, mid-size, ecommerce site with an online catalog. Back-end capabilities exist for Astra Classic™ Warehouse and Customer Service sales/return/exchange processing. Automatic 7x24 operations are based on MS Site Server Commerce 3.0/ASP/IIS 4.0/MS SQL v.6.5.

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As an individual, I had acquired some great technology, a proprietary web addressing system that operates in the web's biggest market segment, sports. However, I could not interest anyone in programming it for me, at least not for less than a quarter of a million dollars.

I turned with some hesitation to Novosoft. I had heard a lot about Siberia, and none of it involved programming skills. However, I created a test job for them to price. The price was reasonable so I figured, what did I have to lose? I turned over my specs to them.

Within a week one of their programmers was talking to me on ICQ, the free messaging system Novosoft uses to conduct business worldwide. After the first week I knew I had someone that not only understood what my business was about, I had a mock-up of what my website would look like. emerged, the site I had envisioned, but one with a slew of innovations that were the result of my collaboration with Novosoft's programmers.

Within months, I had my website for under $5,000. However, Novosoft's contribution to SportSnort did not stop there. I operate out of Washington D.C. During the period the site was being developed, SportSnort had incorporated and established offices in Dallas, Texas. It had contracted to locate its servers in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

Novosoft oversaw the set up and loading of the servers and participated in the load testing (accomplished with zero code rewrites). When we had to fire our Webmaster in Dallas for security reasons, Novosoft's programmers created a program that limited what our Webmaster could do and allowed Novosoft to oversee what our Webmaster did.

Of course, Novosoft thinks of its programmers as its employees, but as far as SportSnort is concerned, they are full time employees of, Inc. Whether I am initiating new features for the website out of Washington, our Webmaster is having problems in Dallas, or we need to program our computers in North Carolina, Novosoft is there, not looking over our shoulder, but in front of us, working, while we look over Novosoft's shoulder.

And with one group in all three places doing one job, our job, there are no communications mix-ups.

Peter Bros
President, Inc.

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Al Polanec

Reference contact information is available upon request.

Novosoft has been a great partner for us in undertaking many types of software development projects. Their level of skill and dedication as a group has made working with them easy and efficient. My experiences working with companies all around the world has shown me that software development companies need both good people and good processes, and Novosoft has been tremendous in these areas. I would highly recommend their services to anyone.

Novosoft's staff have always shown a great degree of competency in a variety of skillsets, including Oracle and SQL Server, from Active Server Pages to COM and XML. They have also shown great proficiency on some packages such as MS Site Server and Site Server Commerce Edition. They have always been able to support my needs quickly and with great people.

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@Global, Inc.


Steve Graham
President, @Global, Inc.

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Schock Associates, Inc

I wanted to thank you for the excellent service we have received at Novosoft.
We have truly enjoyed working with your highly trained and educated programmers. Your cost estimates are accurate and, most importantly, your programmers complete work in a timely fashion.
Today, our Internet search engine,, is attracting the biggest corporate names in the world. We are off to a good start and Novosoft deserves the lion’s share of the credit. For this reason, and many more, I would recommend your programming acumen to the most sophisticated corporate buyer.
It warms my heart to see entrepreneurial excellence emanating from the far reaches of Siberia. Keep up the good work.

Spencer Schock
Schock Associates, Inc.

Spencer Schock
President, Schock Associates, Inc

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Insight Studios

I would just like to extend a personal thanks to Novosoft for their outstanding work on our ASP solution for bug tracking and issue management,
Bugware.NET. Novosoft not only responded quickly to requests for proposals, but made a number of recommendations to our design that helped decrease development time, while increasing the programs functionality. All this, while substantially reducing our total development cost as compared to domestic talent! Thanks!

Chuck Rinker
President, Insight Studios

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I have been working with Dmitry Glotov and several of the staff at Novosoft for close to a year. They have done simple and complex projects from basic website work, to involved, creative, and unique programs which are one of a kind. I have found each member to have heart, integrity, and a sense of responsibility in meeting deadlines and performing excellent work craftsmanship. It is truly a pleasure to work with such a team. I recommend them without reservation.

I have found Novosoft to be reliable and honest in every way. Since they are a long way off, and time zones are 11 hours difference, you might expect communication problems. However, the programmers work crazy hours and are usually available when you need them, and respond promptly to urgent needs. The work is professional, and budgets are adhered to correctly.

Steve Bursten
President,, Inc.

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RLS Graphics

I am extremely pleased with the whole team at Novosoft. They have been very efficient in all aspects of the project - from communications to programming. The implementation of Cold Fusion/MS Access searchable database with over 14,000 records on one of our web sites went extremely well.

You will be hard-pressed to find anyone with the same level of expertise and capabilities - even at 4-7 times the cost. Compare Novosoft's hourly rate with others that quoted me $85-150 per hour for the same project. I sure hope Novosoft doesn't decide to raise their rates when they read this :)
Randy Sedlacek

Randy Sedlacek

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About NOVOSOFT, Inc.
We work with NOVOSOFT (or "The Russians", as we usually call them here) since early 1999. In the start, we were just doing some little MS Access / VB tasks for our in-house applications with TOTAL RECALL music mail-order (
But today, our relationship includes almost all of our software developing, the entire ANYPAY ( project online application plus graphics, tech consulting and even webmastering.

We are totally convinced of their skills in ANY kind of technology. Communication is just fine. People often just can't believe that we built our achievents exclusively on writing emails - but it works !

Here in Germany, most IT service providers are so occupied, that they often show some kind of "Get lost!" attitude (unless you are fortune 500). With this in mind, we can only worthship the sheer endless availibility of manpower at NOVOSOFT. Not only that they made our projects affordable, it made them possible. In Fact, without knowing them, I wouldn't even have thought about founding such a challenging new company like ANYPAY.

Marcus Gabler
founder&owner TOTAL RECALL, Founder&CEO

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Klopotek AG

Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Oxford, New York

Founded in 1993, the company set itself the mission to develop software for the publishing industry, based on modern client/server technology. The foundation for this were already available: more than seven years experience in the analysis and development of complex publishing applications and the view that modern technology had to be cemented with solid publishing knowledge.

Today, this path of the company was successful. Our customers currently use Klopotek's Total Software Solutions in over 6,000 workstations. We are market leaders in Germany with our Publishing Solution. More than 150 publishers hold licenses for our products, and these include 42% of the 50 top turnover ranking publishers.

The latest software product, the Web Content Managent System c-BiZZ has been started in the year 2000 and is already used by several leading websites.

We have been working with Novosoft since February 2000 and have done many subprojects with Novosoft. The communication is going well by email or with ICQ and by using our bug & change request tracking system Webtrace and Novosoft truly has excellent project developers.

We can confirm that Novosoft has developed significant parts of our Web Content Management System c-BiZZ and the c-BiZZ based websites. Novosoft is a good choice when you plan a Web project and we are sure, that their Know-How with respect to our Web CMS is outstanding. Even, when we asked for related or other technologies, they always proved to find a competent developer.

Basically, we are very pleased with Novosoft and can certainly recommend you to do a project or part of a project with them, especially, but not only, when the project is related to our Web CMS c-BiZZ. If you have further questions, you may contact us and we will certainly answer question.

Gregor Wolf

Managing Director

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     Content management system

Superhighway Inc. & MegaStore

We at are very pleased to confirm our working relationship with Novosoft and its excellent staff.

We have been using the services of Novosoft for some years, and we are glad to confirm that we are very satisfied with their performances in all areas.

Novosoft has designed for us the scripting and data base interactivness of and supplying us with expertise, speedy and timely service. is a property recovery site that comes up any language according to users nationality. A feature that was designed by Novosoft staff. is the latest in the replacement industry redefining the approach to post and search for jobs, giving the employer a very needed edge over the agencies.

We are glad to recommend Novosoft staff to anyone who needs assistance in www related design issues, we can confirm that Novosoft service is quick, reliable and trustworthy.

We can also confirm that Novosoft rates and service gives us a very good value for the money, in fact the best that we have been able to find world wide so far.

We intend to use Novosoft services for our future and ongoing development of our new sites within multimedia marketing and our existing portal of where we intend to add the latest interactive streaming (non-plug) audio onto our www. travel pages and also to WAP enable our sites.

Njall Hardarson
Tel: +44-700-56-09143

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Heidelberg CIS

Company Heidelberg CIS is a structural subdivision of Heidelberg-Osteuropa holding, an affiliated company of Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG. The company is distributing on the Russian market Heidelberg system solutions for print media companies: offset printing machines, post-print equipment (Heidelberg Finishing Systems), pre-printing equipment (Heidelberg Prepress), and also equipment of its partner POLAR-Mohr. As part of a complete system solution, Heidelberg provides a wide range of services, including installation, repair service and upgrade of the existing systems.

Relationship between Novosoft and Heidelberg CIS began in July 2001. That is when a joint project was started – Print Media Control System, as well as the development of the site for remote studying at the Communication and Education Center of the Print Media Academy.

Clear and coherent work of management, analytical and development teams from Novosoft allowed us in the shortest possible time to develop the Remote Learning System. Also, Novosoft helped in designing the complex technical solution, as well as starting the development of the control system, with beta version planned for release in the middle of May 2002.

Roman Ivanov
Project Manager, Development and Planning Department,
Heidelberg CIS

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   Order processing system

Samaritan Software LLC

We've been using a team of seven programmers at Novosoft for a year and a half now. We've found the developers there to be very professional, the rates quite reasonable, and the work of very good quality. The team's ability to deliver on schedule gives our development projects a wonderful element of predictibility. Novosoft has really worked at understanding and meeting our needs. Best of all they understand that if we help our customers be successful then we will be successful and Novosoft will be successful. Novosoft approaches their work with a desire to build a strong relationship and keep their clients happy by being results oriented. I whole heartedly recommend them.

Bruce Behymer
Chairman, Samaritan Technologies

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     Volunteer Activities Coordinator

MS United Ltd.

Reference contact information
is available upon request.

We at MS United are really glad that we met Novosoft and started working with them in August 2001. Their experts worked very close with our executives to elicit our existing business processes. They achieved very significant results in systemizing information about our internal business processes and proposing methods for their optimization.

Novosoft did tremendous job with their Software Engineering Process. The system configuration of our financial and accounting system - Platinum SQL - was customized on the basis of business analysis information, to meet up-to-date business-specific requirements.

We highly appreciate all the efforts that Novosoft did for us, and we have really great expectations for our long-term partnership with them.

MS United

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   Enterprise Accounting System Re-engineering: Platinum SQL customization

NEON Systems, Inc.

Reference contact information is available upon request.

I'm highly impressed with Novosoft's software developers, with whom we work since May 1999. While working on 2 applications designed for our Shadow line of products (, they showed very thorough approach to development process, which resulted in the highest quality.

This is absolutely unbelievable, but even though Novosoft's staff is located far away in Siberia, they were able to provide us with continuous and fast technical support, which is really the key to success of the project.

There is no doubt that I will choose Novosoft in case I'll decide to outsource any development in future!

Chris Li,
Product Author,
Neon Systems

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   DB/2 Booster for mainframe systems

Cdsrail Ltd

Reference contact information
is available upon request.

CDSRail have been working closely with Novosoft since 2001. In that time, we have never failed to be pleasantly surprised at the quality and timeliness of the software we have asked Novosoft to produce. The quality of the work has invariably been superb and always on time - or even early! We have been impressed with the approach of everybody that we have come into contact with and fully subscribe to the view that Novosoft employ some of the best software engineers in the world. Their pride in what they do comes across strongly and is borne out in the fact that development times have been reduced significantly and costs by around 70%. We would recommend them to any prospective customer unreservedly.

Len Telford
Technical Director, Cdsrail Ltd

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Diodes Incorporated

3050 E. Hillcrest Drive
Westlake Village, CA 91362-3154

I would like to thank the Novosoft. team for developing and maintaining a very professional website for Diodes Incorporated. Your team's artistic work, attention to detail, and supreme talent for programming are extraordinary. We appreciate your organization's willingness and ability to continually respond to our needs, as together we update the information and programs provided on the Company's website.

It is a pleasure working with your team. Thank you for a website that truly projects a stunning corporate image for Diodes Incorporated and a level of professionalism of which we can be proud. Your attention to detail and your dedication to our projects and deadlines are most appreciated.

Your staff is extremely talented and dedicated. I would be pleased to offer my highest recommendation to any prospective client who values quality work.

Janet Rich,
Marketing Communications Manager

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   Diodes web-site reconstruction

Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District


From June of 2002 through October of 2002, our High School District has retained the services of NovoSoft, a multi-national high-tech network and software engineering consulting services firm, with offices in the Silicon Valley and U.S. Headquarters in Austin, Texas.

Our District is into the third year of a very ambitious 8-year new building and modernization program. We have invested a substantial amount of our bond money and budget in the design, installation and deployment of sophisticated data networks in both the new and remodeled facilities, employing state-of-the-art Level 3 switching equipment and WAN architectures.

With the infrastructure in place, we needed high-level expertise in:

1) Configuring the new routers, switches and infrastructures at each LAN to provide optimal performance, throughput and reliablity.

2) Physically bridging the District Office and the two high school sites via a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to allow District-wide data services and applications.


3)Implementing a consistent, District-Wide approach to Active Directory schemas, authentication and file-sharing and personal shares for each District administrator, staff member and student.

Novosoft was able to provide us with two very senior engineers with all of the prerequisite skills needed to accomplish the above tasks. Prior to the actual commencement of the work, Novosoft did a thorough analysis of our requirements, and subsequently provided a detailed proposal with tasks, milestones, schedules and time estimates.

At each milestone completion date, the Novosoft engineers provided a complete summary of their work-to-date as well as specific documentation for all work completed or in progress. Throughout the course of this project, the Novosoft engineers made themselves available to our District Staff on a 24 by 7 hourly basis. Their responsiveness, professional pride in work and ability to quickly identify and troubleshoot unexpected issues allowed us to complete our project much more quickly than we had ever anticipated. We also were able to complete the project within budget because the original estimates of work provided to us were exactly the number of hours we paid for.

While our initial project is now complete, our District intends to retain Novosoft on a time and materials basis for future work. As the Director of Technology for the Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District, I would not hesitate to recommend their services to other School Districts.

Dan Cochran
Director of Technology
Los Gatos-Saratoga High School District

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Dynamis (Houston, TX)


As a network consulting firm with a very focused software development scope, we occasionally come across projects for which our in-house skills are not the best fit. We've discovered that Novosoft is a dream come true for these projects. Their ability to complete and deliver a bug-free custom project, within the quoted budget, and in a timely manner, is fantastic. Their recent web-based application rewrite of one of our legacy applications does a better job of working with our requisite legacy data file format than the original application did. I highly recommend their services and plan to use them for all our future outsourced development projects.

Tom Heard
    Houston, TX

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September 20, 2002

To Whom It May Concern, is a retail store with an Internet presence offering women's motorcycle riding apparel. We produced a paper catalog of our products two years ago but it became quickly outdated as we add new products to our store on a weekly basis.

We were faced with a choice. If we produced a paper catalog more frequently, we would incur costs beyond our budget. So we decided to explore the possibility of using the latest technology to our advantage.

NovoSoft came to the rescue. We simply stated what we wanted in a CD-ROM catalog and they developed the design and work schedule to accommodate our needs and budget.

The way in which they communicated through email was clear and concise. We found them to be very responsive to our needs. At times, we fell behind with requirements because they are so efficient! We were not accustomed to working with a crew of people who believe that once a schedule is established, we follow it.

The project manager is very pleasant to work with and followed up on any concerns or questions we had very quickly. When we expressed a rough outline of what we wanted the catalog to look like, it was amazing how close they came to our vision on the first try, given that all our communication was through email.

We thoroughly enjoyed working with them and will highly recommend them in the future. We are already developing the second edition of the CD-ROM catalog and have the skeleton of an outline for a second project as well.


Lorraine Courtney

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I had the chance to work with Novosoft in 2002, that is when our company was in need of having an electronic platform for conducting the quoted tenders. The project started with the analysis of our requirements to the System, followed by the prompt creation of the System prototype; then the final application has been created. We would like to note the high professionalism of the project team that was able to design and implement the solution we needed within the shortest possible timeframe.

Sergey Gusak
Director, "Sibkraft"

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Many of our customers make us sign NDAs prohibiting us from advertising their strategic relationship with us. Our sincere thanks to the people below for their gracious consent to appear on our web page.

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Pennsylvania, Inc.
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Oregon Schock Associates, Inc.
North Carolina Insight Studios
Maryland, Inc.
Texas RLS Graphics
Utah Samaritan Software LLC
Texas NEON Systems, Inc.
CA Diodes Incorporated
Los Gatos Los Gatos-Saratoga
High School District
Texas Dynamis
New Hamshire
Germany Klopotek AG
Russia Heidelberg CIS
UK MS United Ltd
UK Cdsrail Ltd
Russia Sibkraft

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