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  Electronic platform for quoted tenders

Custom Project Name

Electronic platform for quoted tenders

Customer (country)

Coordinator of purchasing process, Russia

Business Situation
Business Case
The problem
Business Opportunity

The organization of purchasing that has existed until recently in many enterprises had a lot of weaknesses. Those were complexity of data circulation between consumers and suppliers of goods; high administration expenses, spent on the organization of tenders; low transparency of the purchasing process. Our customer needed to have in place an effective system to simplify and manage the purchasing processes and relationships between all participants involved.


The solution developed by Novosoft is intended for the organization of electronic commodity tenders via the Internet. The system provides the connection between consumers of goods, suppliers and the Organizer of tender. The organizer is an independent company that doesn't participate in a tender, but ensures the administration of the system and provides tender organization services. Consumers of goods are mostly governmental organizations, while suppliers are mostly commercial companies.

The solution consists of the following client and server components:

  • Internet server;
  • Web engine;
  • Database;
  • System itself;
  • Web browser.

The database server, internet-server, web engine and the System are all program components, which execute on the side of Organizer. Web browser is a client component and works on the computer of the system participant.

Every participant has secure access to the system from his/her computer and can manage the tender process within the bounds of his/her role (Consumer, Supplier and Organizer).

Potential participants scattered all around different remote geographical locations and regions benefit the system the most, since the solution eliminates distance as a major business barrier. One of the key advantages of the solution is that it simplifies the circulation of documents through the purchasing process, and provides visibility into the process for all parties involved.

Tools and Technologies

MySQL, OpenBSD, Apache, PHP


The system will allow the customer to reduce costs associated with document flow through the negotiating process and thus to organize an effective and convenient service for the clients. High transparency of the process will increase confidence to our customer and will lead to further consolidation in the market, client satisfaction, and thus to the growth of company's competitiveness and profits.


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