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  Astragolf™ e-commerce site

Custom Project Name

Astragolf™ e-commerce site

Customer (country)


Business Case

AstraR, a Korean golfwear vendor, felt a need to expand its business by entering the mid-range American golfwear arena. In order to better leverage the existing assets and provide its clients with the best online experience, AstraR made the decision to build an e-commerce web site providing full range of e-commerce services. The project was subsidized by Samsung, Inc.


In its quest for a solution, AstraR eventually partnered with Novosoft, because of its extensive experience in implementing similar solutions across a wide range of industry sectors.

Over the course of four months, Novosoft team provided full range of services for AstraR, from strategic planning and system architecture design to development and implementation. The back-end capabilities existing for Astra ClassicT Warehouse and Customer Service sales/return/ exchange processing were integrated with the online shop to accomplish the key project objective.

Like most Internet projects, this project needed fast turn-around, which was accomplished by leveraging the MS Site Server technology. The result - - is an effective, user-friendly service that successfully captures users' attention and turned out to be a great success.

Tools and Technologies

MS Site Server Commerce 3.0/ASP/IIS 4.0/MS SQL v.6.5.


ASTRAGOLF.COM enhanced Astra's brand value as a top quality golf apparel maker:

Increased sales potential and purchase volume
More effective interaction with the customer
Round-the-clock ability for customers to purchase
   products online
Improved promotional management system
Supply data for business intelligence analysis


"Initially, we were concerned working with Novosoft because of the fact that the programmers do not reside in the US. After a few weeks though, our worries dissipated as we found ourselves working with a solid IT management team with experienced, competent ASP/MS SQL/Site Server developers. The end result is, a CyberCash supported, mid-size, ecommerce site with an online catalog subsidized by Samsung, Inc."

Daphne Wong
Internet Development Manager
Samsung, Inc.
Samsung America, Inc.

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