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Hard Disk Copy and Data Protection Management Become New Handy Backup Hit Options

Novosoft LLC, the provider of data backup solutions, announced the release of new version of Handy Backup. The program offers more important powerful image backup.

Alliance, Ohio, January 24, 2012 - Novosoft, a company working in the field of offshore development and Web design services, introduces the release of new version of Handy Backup, the software for advanced hard drive backup. The program now provides advanced image backup functionality with powerful safety against backup management errors (operating system and human mistakes in Linux and Windows) and automatic backup prevention system.

"Actually that is the precise case when you don't have be Sherlock Holmes to deduct where the utility is heading on the basis of software changes you can notice. Lately, there have been announced Handy Backup plug-ins for system and for data backup. Now we provide you advanced disaster recovery, which is saved against almost all sorts of misfortune this type of data safety has been so sensitive previously," said Alexander Prichalov, the director of Novosoft Development Department.

"Future? The times when image backups were as cold as an ex-wife's heart are to expire much sooner than you expect," added Mr. Prichalov.

The recently announced update of the Handy Backup software provides powerful image backup functionality and professional data protection manager options. The disaster recovery version supports powerful safety from OS and human mistakes in the disk imaging process: even if Handy Backup loses connection with the server while getting a program component, then it will correctly go as soon as there is the connection.

The recently set up data safety manager features contain innovative notification system inform users on the state of data management tasks in the software interface or via email backup notifications. The last ones arrive correctly even if the secure SSL is the one used.

As a rule, the Handy Backup function for image backup can be purchased either as a part of Home Professional or Business editions, or independently of the core app, as a standalone solution called Disaster Recovery.

Read more about Novosoft Handy Backup on the official site.