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How to Image a Hard Drive in Windows: Introducing New Standards of Handiness by Handy Backup

Novosoft LLC, the developer of next-gen data backup software, reported the hot image backup functionality of Handy Backup utility. The new app edition is to take system snapshots on the run.

Alliance, Ohio, February 14, 2012 - Novosoft, acclaimed software outsourcing developer and business management service provider, introduced hot hard disk drive imaging functionality for Handy Backup, the advanced backup program. The new version of the utility will feature smart copying of HD partitions or the entire hard disk drive with optimized operation duration, minor requirements for PC user skills, and minimum number of steps to be followed. The fresh hot image backup function is optimized for Windows OS, and main HD imaging is also convenient for Linux systems.

"There are techniques which earn a traditional rank of a toughie. Hard drive imaging has obtained one too. There were times when making a snapshot of a hard drive needed those not so clear steps: logging off and in between several operating systems on a single computer, initiating low-level data saving instead of file-based backup, stopping all OS activities, making a system flash drive to download from for imaging the first operating system, and so on. With the the latest Handy Backup featuring hot disk imaging, those are nothing but troubles of the old times, gone to oblivion" noticed Alexander Prichalov, the vice president of Novosoft Research Division.

The reported fresh version of the Handy Backup software offers hot image backup functionality. From now on the creating of a Windows HD snapshot takes as little as choosing the "Disk image" option among "What to back up" alternatives in the utility wizard, in a few clicks. No logging off Windows or shutting down the operating system activities are required. The retrieval duplicate of the hard disk drive is made on the run.

The hot HDD imaging process developed that way demonstrates improved operation duration, minimal requirements for PC user experience, and the least ever number of clicks to be done.

Besides the total system image backup, the points are individual hard disk partitions and partition table.

The latest hot imaging is developed for taking snapshots of operating systems. Also, there is the traditional function for imaging Ubuntu hard disk drives, with the Handy Backup Disaster restore bootable HDD making. The program versions to feature hot imaging are Home Professional, Small Server, and Network Server.

Read more about Novosoft Handy Backup on the official site.