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Novosoft Releases New Handy Backup Software with Enhanced Network Backup Functionality How to Back up

Novosoft LLC, the data backup solution provider, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup software featuring advanced network backup and new localizations.

Alliance, Ohio, August 23, 2012 Ė Novosoft, an international company specializing in development of advanced software solutions for PC and network backup, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup, the backup software. The software update features advanced network backup options (like backing up remote computers using IP destinations and UNC path support), the most up-to-date French localization, improved interface, and other improvements (including those that, as the company brings it, were "lobbied by users").

"Can I change the color of your software interface, so it is drastically pink, one user has asked me recently. Listening to users is a truly actionable way to invent new features. The example with the pink color request above shows that it might be not quite the best idea to immediately implement every idea you can hear from a user. But as a software developer you definitely want to make sure you donít underestimate those ideas. For instance, one partner of Handy Backup has asked us if he could back up her computer when he is logged out. We provided him with an instruction and thought: "Hey, what about backing up network computers the users are logged out". Along comes a new feature of IP-destination-based network backup, which was met extremely warmly by our focus group users and partners," said Aleks Dolgushev, the Business Development Director of Handy Backup.

The newly released Handy Backup 7.2.2 features advanced options for network backup, updates of non-English localizations, improved user interface, and multiple usability improvements.

The acclaimed network backup functionality by Handy Backup now features support of UNC paths, including hidden UNC paths and access to backing up remote computers via IP destinations. Along with the functionality of backup running as a service, this functionality makes it possible apply numerous handy automatic backup scenarios for networks: backing up remote computers when their users are logged out (e.g. when a working day is over in the office), backup to NAS destinations with basic device settings (with no extra network sharing configuration required), and a number of others.

The update boosts the performance of Handy Backup as a tool for remote backup management, meeting the requirements of small- to medium-sized IT infrastructures and IT support companies.

The updates of non-English localizations includes the highly anticipated French localization of the entire user interface and program dialogues among others.

The improvements of usability include messages for system compatibility and troubleshooting updated with regard to user experience analytics.

Traditionally for the 7.2 line of Handy Backup, the new version features fast incremental and differential backup, a variety of security options (support of FTPS/SFTP and internal system of user authorization), and other network backup options.

The new version can be acquired on, the official website, and from Handy Backup resellers worldwide.