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A New Version of Handy Backup with Industry Acclaimed Results for Fast Data Backup

Novosoft LLC, the reliable Windows software developer, announced the arrival of a new version of Handy Backup aimed at fast data reserving with high backup speeds reported.

Alliance, Ohio, July 2, 2012 – Novosoft, a respected provider of data reserving solutions for mixed OS networks and Windows, announced the release of a new version of Handy Backup software. The product is oriented towards fast backup supported by new algorithms of network management and data transfer. Bulk of the improvements relates to Cloud backup and FTP functional.

"For sure, you know something about how fast all things are these days, and what it takes to stay tuned. We use high speed internet, and consume quickly developed technologies. We even think much faster than ever before. So, the backup tools must correspond to the increasing data transferring speeds. Meet Handy Backup 7.2, the solution with fast backup, which is impressive either from the software segment, or from the previous products point of view. We have changed our data reserve algorithms to achieve backup speeds this high. If you find a more suitable backup solution for mixed OS networks, I will dance jig and upload that video to Youtube," said Aleks Dolgushev, Novosoft Chief Business Development Manager.

The new version’s backup is reported to be the fastest in the Handy Backup product line. The list of major changes include enhanced speeds for fast data reserving, better FTP and Cloud backups, resource saving approach for centralized network backup management, some new disk image functions, and several minor improvements contributing to the release.

The Network Server edition of Handy Backup is reported to start supporting extra security options along with flexible authorization and resource and time saving data allocation between network workstations and backup storage.

The backup speed boost is caused by changes in data transfer algorithms. These changes particularly include a new differential backup approach which now helps by backing up only the new files and changes in the old ones in the resource saving way, without temp files and exuberant requests. The improvements in backup speed are most noticeable when backing up large files (above several GBs) and big amounts of files (up to thousands).

The backup speed improvements were also applied to the FTP and Cloud backup. The new differential backup approach now allows keeping large data amounts at the remote server, this mode saves both your time and traffic saving. This also solves the problem of copying GBs and TBs of data to the Cloud or FTP server. Other changes include Cloud storage and FTP backup starting to make use of interruption-proof helping, thus, allowing backup to continue after a lost connection.

The new version, Handy Backup 7.2., can be found at the official website