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Volume Shadow Copy Backup Software Features by Handy Backup 7 for Copying Locked Files

Novosoft LLC, a reputed developer of data backup solutions, announced Volume Shadow Copy backup functionality for Handy Backup, enhancing locked file copying software options and storage optimization.

Alliance, Ohio, November 28, 2011 - Novosoft, an international company specializing in software development, announced that Handy Backup, the reputed data backup software for home and business, now supports the Volume Shadow Copy backing up technology. The new functionality allows to copy locked and blocked files. With the novel local and remote network VSS backing up and restoring features, Handy Backup becomes probably the most powerful software for hot backup. The VSS backup is available in the software version 7.

"Hot backup is a traditional feature of our software. So, the VSS thing was kind of inevitable. In Handy Backup's older versions, Volume Shadow Copy was exclusive for backing up Exchange Servers (to optimize the storage requirements). Starting with Handy Backup 7, the option is universal. No more closing Outlook, docs, or other files you work with in order to copy those. From now on backup is the most other-process-friendly routine," said Alexander Prichalov, the head of Novosoft Development Department.

In earlier versions, Handy Backup software has proved itself to be an effective tool for Volume Shadow copy backup of specific data types. Particularly, Handy Backup 6 allows users to make VSS backups of actual MS Exchange 2010 databases instead of entire volumes they are stored to. The new software version brings the power of Volume Shadow Copy backup for all types of data. With the technology newly enabled, there comes the functionality to copy locked files or data blocked by other apps.

Here are some other notable features of Handy Backup 7:

  • RAM and volume space economy (with literally minor possible number of temp files involved in backing up);
  • Support of Unicode (e.g. for processing files with names in Asian languages);
  • Browsing feature to open backup files and folders in Windows (for example, for opening a .pst Outlook backup file as if it were a folder with messages);
  • Fast backup (the speed grew qualitatively, most notably for transferring large data).

Everybody who buys Handy Backup after Nov, 14, 2011, gets a license key that fits not only the chosen product, but also the same edition of Handy Backup 7. Thus, there are two products at the price of one.

Read more about Novosoft Handy Backup on the official site.