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  Novosoft Mobile Online! (MO!)

Custom Project Name

Novosoft Mobile Online! (MO!)

Customer (country)

Novosoft LLC. (USA-Russia)

Business Case

Novosoft MO! is a Mobile Presence and Instant Messaging service providing GSM subscribers with access to Internet Messaging networks directly from their mobile phones. Bringing together the worlds of mobile users and wired Internet Messaging communities, it allows mobile operators to extend their package of value-added services with cutting-edge operator-branded Mobile IM solution.

MO! is an attractive solution for all mobile phone owners who use Instant Messaging services but do not always have access to the Internet from their desktop computers. Using MO!, they appear being online for Internet-connected users and get access to the functionality provided by their favorite Internet messenger directly from their mobile phones, including:

  • sending and receiving messages
  • replying to messages
  • managing Contact list
  • viewing messages history
  • viewing other users' current status (online/busy/offline)
  • setting own status

This product was developed by Novosoft to represent the company in the prestigious SIMagine'2001, Worldwide GSM and Java Card Developers Contest that was held in Cannes in the framework of 3GSM World Congress, and where Novosoft LLC. won 'Innovation Award'.


Stored on the phone SIM-card, Novosoft Mobile Online! (MO!) is a Java application combining the advantages of Short Messages Service and the popular Internet instant messengers (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Lotus Sametime, etc). Novosoft MO! does not require a user to hold a constantly open WAP connection to be able to exchange messages and manage contact list.

Architechture MO! consist of client and server parts. Client is a Java applet running on Java-enabled smartcards. Server part is integrated with SMS center of your GSM carrier. The system's scalability is archieved through clasterization.

Technical Specifications

MO! Server-SMSC data exchange protocol:
SMPP or SMSC dependent
Handset-MO! Server exchange protocol:
Oracle or Interbase
MO! Server hardware:
dependent on network traffic
SIM card memory usage:
14208 bytes
SIM card type:
Schlumberger Simera 32K Java SIM ToolKit Compatible
SMS Center:
Class 2 SIM specific message support
MO! Server software:
Platform-independent Java-based
GSM file usage:
384 bytes
Tools and Technologies

Java, Java Card, SMS, JSP


In the analytical report '2001: Leaders And Technologies Of the Year' (joint publication by and 'Company' magazine) Novosoft Mobile Online! is acknowledged as "the most impressive achievement of Russian software developers in 2001".

Generating New Revenues
MO! generates immediate revenues by driving up SMS traffic. In March 2002, by launching MO! in its Novosibirsk network and starting to provide subscribers with mobile access to ICQ (the most popular Internet IM in Russia), Mobile TeleSystems, the leading cellular operator, increased daily number of outgoing text messages up to 13%.

Performance, Scalability, Reliability
Novosoft MO! takes advantage of existing network infrastructure and easily integrates with operator's SMSC and billing system. The system's high scalability is achieved through clusterization.

Commercially Proven
Currently operating in Novosibirsk network of Mobile TeleSystems (NYSE: MBT), Russia's leading cellular operator, Novosoft MO! is commercially proven and available today.

The availability of STK and plain SMS versions allows flexibility when offering the service to customers with diverse habits and requirements to the user interface. MO! provides a convenient and intuitive user interface, online alert notification, online buddies directory search, powerful spam-prevention system, and other features that make subscribers feel in total control of their "always on" experience.

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