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ONLINE BACKUP Install Handy Backup and use our online backup service.

bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.

RTF TO HTML RTF to XML Converter is the fast and easy RTF to HTML conversion

Freeware & Shareware software offers screen savers, desktop utilities, Desktop Management software downloads, including kids educational programs, language software, training, dictionaries and more.

load stress testing Testing Master provides you with an easy-to-use and cost-effective way of load stress testing of web sites and intranet applications.

ICQ backup ICQ backup with Novosoft Office Backup will allow you to always keep in touch with your friends.

Remote backup of your data gives you advantages of secure transferring, synchronizing, storing and restoring them.

Password Management Directory Submit your password software here and gain extra exposure for your products and services!

Backup Schedule Where to backup. Explains how to choose a backup storage device, backup to DVD, CD, FTP, LAN or remote backup service.

Backup Utilities - various backup software for data backup to FTP, ZIP backup and others.

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Online Backup Technologies for Android OS-powered Phones

Backup of mobile phones and smartphones has become a critical issue during the last decade as more and more businesses have been deploying mobile devices into their business model. The task is really challenging because many of such devices do not provide any built-in backup options. Therefore loss of mission-critical corporate data becomes very probable and must be prevented at all costs.

T-Mobile G1 is one of the first Android OS-powered smartphones on the market, and it lacks the default backup capability. Novosoft LLC has taken on this opportunity by presenting a free backup utility for any Android-based mobile phone Handy Backup Mobile. The utility is available completely free of charge for all G1 owners through the built-in Market application on the phones.

T-Mobile G1 backup is even taken a step further with Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC. It allows you to back up G1 smartphone (also knows as the Android or Google phone) to the Novosoft protected remote servers. Backed up data is transferred to the online data vault secured against all types of natural disasters and possible human errors. It is equally safe and easy to back up T-mobile G1 phones with Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC.

Novosoft provides free backup software for PC to back up data from a PC to the Novosoft online servers and also a free backup tool for G1 Android phone backup. It is only necessary to connect T-Mobile G1 with a PC, and afterwards T-Mobile G1 backup will be performed automatically according to the set backup schedule. G1 backup takes place automatically every time when the G1 phone is within PC Wi-Fi range.

T-Mobile G1 backup with Remote Backup Service by Novosoft LLC is a safe way to secure personal data and at the same time enable global access to the backed up information. G1 owners can restore backed up G1 data later from anywhere in the world via Internet. The backed up information is strongly protected as it is encrypted while transfer with a 128-bit algorithm employed in online banking.