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OUTLOOK BACKUP Backup Outlook Files with Handy Backup and it helps you to recover your deleted mail, details, etc.

password manager Handy Password is a password manager that keeps your login infornation in perfect security.

RTF TO XML Using RTF to XML converter allows you to convert RTF to XML document that will look the same way as your original RTF document

Freeware & Shareware software On you can find any type of free games : Crosswords & Puzzles, Arcade, Cards & Casino, etc.

Testing Master performs website stress testing stress
testing of web sites
and intranet applications.

File backup software Novosoft Office Backup: backup of program settings and documents with an easy-to-use file backup software

If you need to protect your data from loss, try to use Remote Backup Service. It is the best solution for remote backup.

Password Management Directory Submit your password software here and gain extra exposure for your products and services!

Backup Schedule All about Backup Software - Hard Drive Backup Software, Server Backup Software, Online Backup Software. Decide which backup variety best suits you.

Backup Utilities Backup Utilities directory collects the best backup tools to backup to DVD, backup to CD, etc.

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  Software Testing Services

We invite you to use a full suite of testing services provided by Novosoft Testing department.

Why testing?

Today software manufacturers face very demanding customers, which expect a 100% flawless functioning of the software they bought. It is well known that every single bug in the software product causes additional costs for customer support and patches development. Even more importantly, fixing bugs wastes your valuable time out and thus works against commercial success of your product in the market.

A producer can prevent those problems by undertaking quality assurance and testing services, which are committed to ensure that the product you launch to the market has no technical defects.

Why outsource?

A comprehensive testing process is a lengthy and time-consuming clerical work. You don't need to dedicate you valuable expensive human resources to carry out testing. You could outsource the process to the company that has skilled testers ready to do that job at a fraction of your possible testing costs.

Why Novosoft?

Over the course of last 10 years, the department has intensively used and polished many testing methods to make sure we deliver only top-notch quality solutions to our customers according to the most rigid standards.

Now we offer external software product manufacturers to use our experience to ensure that your product is absolutely ready for commercial deployment to the market.

If timing is an issue for you and you wish to launch your software to marketplace as soon as possible, you will be surprised by how rapidly yet scrupulously we will test your products through.

Our testing service will ensure that your software is bug-free, stable and works flawlessly on variety of user PCs. Minimize the cost of customer support - and maximize the customer satisfaction by catching and fixing all bugs and defects prior to your software goes to final consumers. Free your product from technical customer complaints and increase your customer satisfaction and retention rates.

What you get?

  • Considerable cost savings;

  • Defect-free product;

  • Precise Testing Process Documenting;

  • Testing Certificate.