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Contact. Close. Collaborate. Turn your customers into relationships with Maximizer Enterprise for Notes. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is a modular CRM application designed for Domino R5 and the Web. It encourages client interaction, improves account knowledge, and fosters superior client care -- building, strengthening and extending customer relationships.

Every sales institution needs a high caliber Customer Relationship Management solution in order to stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace. Automating your sales team is crucial to your success. A great CRM solution can help make your company a leader in your industry. On the other hand, a badly equipped sales force can mean disaster for business. The winning solution should be able to answer the following important questions:

  • Does the CRM solution's base template contain enough robust features that we don't have to reinvent the wheel?
  • Is it sold with open code?
  • Is it easily customizable to incorporate our sales process?
  • Is the product user-friendly?
  • Can it be customized, tested, and rolled out to the field quickly?

Maximizer Enterprise for Notes can answer each of these questions with a resounding yes! No matter whether you are in steel or chemical manufacturing, copier sales, or medical instruments,  Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is the intelligent choice. In 2001, which would you prefer to be? The company that everyone in the industry is talking about... or the one they forgot?

Maximizer Enterprise for Notes was developed by Cognicase (Toronto, Canada). Among all of our other partnerships, we are also a registered Cognicase Business Partner and reseller. Their program, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes, is the best CRM software on the market today, marked by 2001 “Best in Showcase” Lotus Beacon Award. This award recognizes a “killer app” that integrates or leverages the broadest range of Lotus technology.

Value proposition

Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is a modular CRM application designed for Domino R5 and the web. It encourages client interaction, improves account knowledge, and fosters superior client care. Included in Maximizer Enterprise for Notes are applications that automate the process of qualifying prospects, tracking leads, building detailed customer profiles, and working with customers to develop long term relationships. Modules can be purchased as a complete set or individually. An open source code environment allows third-party integrators, your MIS department, or Cognicase’s own consulting team to customize Maximizer Enterprise for Notes to fit the requirements of your organization.

Target markets

Target customers include small and midsize organizations (<1,000 employees) using a Domino R5 server (or planning to migrate to Domino R5) with a need to grow sales and improve customer service. The target market for Maximizer Enterprise for Notes, as with CRM in general, crosses all industries. Current list of clients includes pharmaceutical, financial, manufacturing, government and other industries.

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Maximizer Enterprise for Notes acquires its unique competitive position in the expanding CRM market by delivering several key benefits.

First, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes provides an affordable system for small and midsize organizations. Many Notes-based solutions cost more than $800 per seat license. Non-Notes CRM solutions cost $1,500 - $4,000 per seat. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is substantially less. Because the application is modular, pricing is flexible. Clients can purchase modules individually or as a complete set, depending on their needs.

Because Novosoft is an offshore development company, our rates for customization and support are substantially less then rates for such services in US and Europe.

Second, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes provides an open source, modular environment allowing third-party integrators to customize the software to meet specific requirements.

Third, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is easy to administer and use. Clients concerned about user comprehension and/or rollout time will appreciate the simplicity of the Maximizer Enterprise for Notes interface. Designed for ease of use and administration, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes ensures successful deployment and productive use -- every time.

Fourth, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes benefits from the market research, user input, software development experience and CRM expertise of Cognicase. Cognicase Software is a world-leading CRM software firm with significant global market share in the contact mgmt/sfa category.

Finally, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is backed by comprehensive service and support from Lotus Advanced Business Partner. Novosoft has several years of development and consulting expertise for Lotus technology.

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Maximizer Enterprise for Notes consists of three main applications:

A complete set of customer management tools for interacting with clients and capturing robust profiles of information about your customers.

  • Company/Divisions/Contacts
  • Integration with Notes Calendar and Schedule
  • Relationship Management
  • Integration with Notes Mail and Network Faxing
  • Configurable Profiles, Correspondence Templates, and User Fields
  • Label Printing

Tools for your sales and marketing team.

  • Opportunity and Lead Tracking
  • Sales Forecasting and Reporting
  • Hot Lead Entry
  • Activity Management
  • Mass Mail/Email/Fax Engine
  • Knowledge Library
  • Graphical Reporting

A module that allows you to log calls, service customer requests, and analyze your database for trends.

  • Service Requests
  • Change Management and Approval Process
  • Asset Management
  • Knowledge Database
  • Statistical Reporting
  • Client Web Access Module for Web-based Support

Competitors List

The main competitors for Maximizer Enterprise for Notes are CRM applications for Lotus Notes/Domino that target small and midsize organizations. There are several applications competing in this space. Four applications are leading the market

Product Company
c.Support 8 GWI
ACT! For Notes g2x
OverQuota EBusiness Streams Relavis
Engage Clear Technologies
Business In A Box ETS
Sales On Track Infoman
Contact! Noteable
Team Vikara
Dispatch Group Apps
Enterprise Extensions for Notes iEnterprises
IntellAgent Control Systems IntellAgent Control

Competitors comparison

Product ACT! For Notes Engage c.Support 8 Enterprise Extensions Maximizer Enterprise for Notes
Company G2X Clear Techno-
GWI iEnterprises Cognicase
O/S Platforms NT NT, UNIX, AS/400, RS/6000, System 390 N/A NT, UNIX, AS/400, RS/6000, System 390 NT, UNIX, RS/6000, AS/400, System 390
Target Markets Small to Medium Small to Medium Help Desk Only Small to Medium Small to Medium
Modules Offered CM CM, CFA, CS HD CM, CFA HD, CS, SFA, CRM, CM
Calendar/ Mail integration Yes (requires user action) Yes N/A Yes Yes (automated)
Open Source Code No Yes (if purchased) Yes (if purchased) N/A Yes (included in Maintenance Package)
Web Enabled Yes No Yes No Yes
Comments Act! For Notes is a basic Contact Managment solution with no plans for further development of the product. Engage targets small to medium size businesses. A relatively new entry to the Notes CRM market, Engage's offering is not yet Web or PDA enabled and is not a full CRM solution. GWI c.Support 8 targets the Help Desks of organizations. Feature for feature very similar to Maximizer Enterprise for Notes' Help Desk module The application is more expensive. Typically sold directly by GWI rather than through business partners. Enterprise Extensions is a fairly basic Contact Managment solution with some SFA functionality. Target market of small and medium size organizations. Positioned as an affordable, easy to use, modular solution that comes with open source code for customization
N/A - Information was not available

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Q. What is Maximizer Enterprise for Notes?

A. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes delivers an affordable system for tracking sales, extending vital customer information, managing sales opportunities, and providing customer service. It's a fully Web-enabled software solution for Customer Relationship Management (CRM), designed exclusively for small- and medium-sized organizations using Domino R5.
Maximizer Enterprise for Notes has a modular architecture comprised of three main applications: Customer Management, Sales & Marketing, and Customer Service. Modules can be purchased as a complete set or individually. Open source code is provided as a standard feature, allowing third-party integrators, your MIS department, Novosoft own consulting team to customize Maximizer Enterprise for Notes to fit organizational requirements.

Q. What business benefits does Maximizer Enterprise for Notes provide?

A. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes enables organizations to build, strengthen and extend customer relationships, creating opportunities to cross-sell and develop long-term, learning relationships with customers. The more you know about your customers, the better able you are to anticipate their needs and deliver effective, timely solutions. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes delivers the tools organizations need to achieve these higher levels of sales and service success.

Q. Does Novosoft provide customization/consulting/deployment/support services for Maximizer Enterprise for Notes?

A. Yes. Novosoft is your single source for innovative e-business solutions, backed by comprehensive service and support. From initial consultation to successful deployment, Novosoft enables your solutions from end-to-end. As with all Novosoft solutions, Maximizer Enterprise for Notes can be fully customized for your organization, and reinforced with our expert consulting and support.

Q. Do I need Domino R5 to install Maximizer Enterprise for Notes?

A. Yes. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes is designed exclusively for Domino R5.

Q. What applications compete with Maximizer Enterprise for Notes?

A. Maximizer Enterprise for Notes competes with many of the contact mgmt/SFA and help desk/customer service solutions on the market for small- and medium-sized organizations (OverQuota, ACT! for Notes, GWI, Prevail, etc.), and with more robust CRM packages that target SMBs (Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses).

Q. What differentiates Maximizer Enterprise for Notes from other CRM applications?

A. Developed by an award-winning organization that has more than seven years of CRM software development experience for the Lotus Notes platform. Backed by a leading Lotus Advanced Business partner that has the expertise and experience to deliver a full range of services for the product, including deployment, technical support, and consulting.
Ease of use and administration.
Leverages Do mino R5 technology.
Open modular design for ease of integration with other systems and incremental rollout.
Big Picture Interface that makes vital customer information readily available.
Affordability. Etc.

Q. What role does Novosoft play in the partnership with Cognicase??

A. Novosoft is working with Cognicase to market the Maximizer Enterprise for Notes product. Cognicase is encouraging business partners to promote the application as the leading CRM solution for organizations using Domino.

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