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Custom Project Name online payment system

Customer (country)

Marcus Gabler, Germany

Business Case

Paying by check has some disadvantages - payment processing is slow, a check can get lost on the way, and it is cumbersome for a person to write many checks if payments are due to many payees. The company decided to take advantage of the Internet technologies and to offer online banking services. A solution had to insure highest security and reliability criteria.


Novosoft designed an online payment system, with a wide array of payment services. Any person or company can send, request, and receive money to and from anyone with e-mail address. The system has the following advantages. First, there is no need to write checks manually. Second, payment processing is much faster. Actually, the Novosoft solution ensured that it takes microseconds to send a payment. Third, the solution is a find for those who has to make many payments, for instance payments in affiliate programs or refunds. Finally, it is much easier to control the distribution of funds - there is more control over the cash flow.

Most importantly, the system is reliable and secure. Indeed, security is the main factor attracting customers to this particular online payment system.

Tools and Technologies



Benefits for the customer
In addition to standard payment services, the solution offers a number of unique features. Considering the cost of the system, the customer received a first class product at a very attractive price. The system has attracted a flow of new clients increasing the customer's position in the market.

Benefits for final users
Final users enjoy convenience, speed, and security of the system. Most services are free or inexpensive.


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