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  Database Integration

Custom Project Name

Database Integration

Customer (country)

Leader in creation, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics. (USA)

Business Case

The Company had problems with internal corporate communications between employees in different divisions. Thus emerged a need to offer service that will enable employees to access information describing various successful solutions - that is, company knowledge base. Wide set of devices may be used to obtain this information, e.g. Desktop Computers, PDA, cellular phones (both WML and HDML). Distributed knowledge base with location-specific and platform-specific storages (DB2, MSSQL or XML files, etc.). The company requires an open architecture so it will be easy to add maintenance for new data storage or new client type.


Novosoft has offered a full-scale knowledge base system supporting the following types of document storage:

Mainframe Solutions;
White Papers Base;
Consulting Base;
CBMS Knowledge.

The knowledge base solution provides the ability to search and retrieve documents, new users registration, and users authentication.

Tools and Technologies

Windows 2000 Platform, WebSphere Application server, WebSphere Application Developer v 4.0.2, DB2 UDB v.7.0, Java, WS Transcoding Publisher v 4.0.1, Private UDDI Registry, MQSeries v. 5.2.x. Browsers supported: Netscape (4.0 and above), IE (4.0 and above), and WML 1.1 compliant browsers.

Unifying different data storages into one integrated database, which reduced the costs of internal communications and information search;
Open architecture allows easy, fast, and low-cost addition of new types of data storage.

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