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  Business Support System for MLM organization

Custom Project Name

Business Support System for MLM organization

Customer (country)

Provider of insurance services, USA.

Business Case

Novosoft customer is an insurance organization, and as for any business its priority is to attract as many clients as possible. Traditionally, the customer brought in the clients through a one-layer network of sales representatives. In order to respond to the growing competition in the insurance services market and to boost its sales, client decided to significantly increase its number of sales representatives. What is important, the customer made a decision to go from single-level to a multi-level sales structure, similar to the Multi-Level Marketing. To do so effectively, the client needed an advanced business support system, which would improve relations among the users within a complex organizational structure, e.g. automate payment distributions among sales representatives between different company layers, provide a clearer picture of the organization structure, and other organizational features.


The major customer requirement was that the final solution must be fast, even with the fast growth of the sales representatives accounts within the system. Novosoft experts evaluated all available tools and technologies, and concluded that the new .net technology would fit the customer requirements the best. In respond to the existing business need Novosoft developed a Web site using .Net technology. The site allows all sales representatives to have individual secure pages with restricted access, where each salesperson could obtain comprehensive information about other representatives networked with him/her, and get all kinds of helpful statistical data. Furthermore, the advantage of Novosoft solution is that it is integrated with a banking system, in order to streamline and simplify all financial transactions among the connected members. Also, the system automatically distributes all payments and service commissions among all networked sales representatives.

The site offers representatives a higher degree of freedom and flexibility. From now on they can track the efficiency of their operations 24 hours a day from any remote location by simply visiting the Web site. Finally, the site is well organized and has a user-friendly interface to facilitate easy navigation.

Tools and Technologies

Technologies: ASP.Net, ADO.Net, COM, MS SMTP Server SDK, MS Data Transformation Service, activePDF toolkit
Server platform: Windows 2000 server, .Net framework, MS SQL Server 2000
Programming languages: C#, J#, TSQL


Novosoft customer got a high-quality business support system oriented to helping the company to reach a more effective organization and a better control of business relations among its numerous sales representatives. This system enables our customer to achieve its main objective, i.e. to move from current business model to the multiple-level structure and get a larger market share even in the highly competitive market of insurance services.

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