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  News Portal

Custom Project Name

News Portal

Customer (country)

Leader in creation, development and manufacture of the industry most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, networking systems, storage devices and microelectronics.

Business Case

The Company has discovered a vacuum of news portal services on the market and decided to offer a service that uses legacy system to capture news from numerous resources, and to enable ordinary internet users to access information using usual web browsers. They decided to create News Portal that must be operational within 6 months. While they will initially offer the service over the Internet, they wish to extend it to other devices such as PDA's and WAP phones. Users will be registered and have user names and passwords to access the contents of the site. Data will be retrieved from a number of web sites.

The company is planning to give free access to the news in the beginning but may wish to charge a nominal fee to registered users in the future.

They require an open architecture so it will be easy to add a new functionality and services. The application should be administered via a web browser.


Novosoft has created a special News Portal within 6 months, collecting information from Internet, with a possibility of user registration. This Portal makes it possible to customize the way of presenting information, and allows adding new information fields, deleting feeds, making feeds available either to anonymous or registered users, or both users categories. Also, the site supports administrative user actions, such as editing user information or deletion of registered users.

Tools and Technologies

Windows 2000 Platform, WebSphere Application server, DB2 database, Java, supported browsers are Netscape (4.0 and above) and IE (4.0 and above).

Advanced free news and information service attacts about 10,000 new visitors per day, and option to charge service fees after the Portal will become more popular should increase sales up to 200%.
Open architecture solution with low-cost and easy customization and administration.
Opportunity to extend system functionality to support PDA's and WAP.

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