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  Staff Recruiting Portal

Custom Project Name

Staff Recruiting Portal

Customer (country)

Japanese provider of English language courses.

Business Case

Our customer represents an education center specializing in recruiting native English speakers at their homeland for teaching English language in Japan. The regular procedure was: the client publishes on the Web site ads about vacancies and provides contact mailing address. Applicants then send personal information to the provided address via mail, and client's representatives get in touch with applicants. Sometimes applicants need to use mail system several times, in order to send additional required information. Such procedure is very inflexible and time consuming. In that situation our customer needed a solution resolving the above drawbacks.


Novosoft carefully approached development of a new Web site, from the ground up. The site improved not only with new attractive design and user-friendly interface, but also with a range of new functionalities. Using the Novosoft solution, applicants can fill in their personal information online, save and store it on the site where representatives could easily reach it. Therefore, the need to send the info by mail was eliminated. That made the communication process between the educational center and applicants more effective. As a result, it sped up the decision making process and made the whole operation more effective.

Tools and Technologies

Flash, XML, MS SQL, ASP, Adobe PhotoShop, Mac OS.


Novosoft customer got a new enhanced Web site, along with a range of new functionalities that significantly improve the applicant selection process.

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