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Handy Backup 7.8: Google Drive Plug-in and TLS Encryption for FTPS and Emails

Novosoft releases a newest Handy Backup 7.8.0, which hassome new features. The main new option is the dedicated Google Drive plug-in. In addition, a new version implements TLS encryption for backing up to FTPS and for using email notification with TLS-protected mail servers.

The plug-in for Google Drive backup allows direct access to the Google Drive storage, using no local folders or external synchronizing utilities. It can transfer data directly to or from a Google Drive account, and provides all automatic operations that Handy Backup allows.

TLS encryption for email passwords and for an FTPS backup protocol allow both protecting your data by this way and using TLS-protected emails for notifying users about different events. As many email servers use the TLS protection, supporting it expands the usability of Handy Backup.

Download the latest version of Handy Backup just now, with a 30-days free trial period!

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