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  Web-based e-mail system

Custom Project Name

Web-based e-mail system

Customer (country)

A leading provider of services on the Internet

Business Case

Today's corporate E-mail system is an imperative communication tool for the companies. However, in many cases the use of corporate e-mail by employees is limited to company offices only. As a result, there is a market demand for Web-based e-mail systems that could be accessed and used via a Web browser from any place with Internet connection. Our customer decided to fulfill this market need. To perform that task they contracted Novosoft. The requirements for the Web-based e-mail system were very rigorous. The system was to have a full range of work tools assisting users in performing their duties, such as calendar, to-do list and others.


In respond to the business need, Novosoft developed a high-quality Web-based e-mail system. One of the major advantages of the system is that each company can customize the system to fulfill unique business needs. The solution consists of many modules, such as address book, calendar, to-do list, POP3 collector, e-mail filters, tab navigation bar, etc. A company user can decide which modules should be included into its corporate e-mail system. Also, a client can customize the interface of the system according to the preferences of the company employees. The solution is a unique offer on the market. Unlike most free Web-based e-mail systems with very low storage volume, a company administrator could customize the capacity to any size. Also, the solution allows user to manage the content using a branding wizard. That enables employees to create both public and private folders.
To develop the solution Novosoft used well-known technologies and proprietary tools, such as Novosoft Zebra and FL J2EE. The advantage of the proprietary technologies is that they enable a developer to reduce the cost of development and testing. As a result, our customer received a state-of-art system at a reasonable cost.

Tools and Technologies

Technology: Java; JSP; Novosoft Zebra; Novosoft FL J2EE
E-mail: SMTP, POP3, IMAP
RDBMS: InterBase / Oracle / Informix / DB2 / MS Access / MS SQL

The users of the Novosoft solution benefit from obtaining a high-class tool, enabling company employees to easily communicate from any locations. The system is an extremely scalable and expandable solution, capable of supporting up a million of users and allowing adding any additional applications in. The solution improves the internal efficiency of the organization, speeds up decision-making processes, and as a result turns the customer into a more competitive market player.

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