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backup to DVD Handy Backup is a backup software that allows recording your backup to dvd discs, storing backup to FTP servers, and much more...

password manager Handy Password is a password manager that keeps your login infornation in perfect security.

RTF TO PDF You can turn your RTF to PDF with the help of RTF TO XML converter

Freeware & Shareware software offers extensive collection of downloads and applications for pocket PC and mobile devices.

load and stress testing tool Testing master is a load and stress testing tool for analyzing of performance characteristics and bottlenecks of your web site.

windows backup utility Novosoft Office Backup: windows backup utility for backing up data to DVD, CD, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, etc.

Novosoft Remote Backup Service - backup and storage of important data on secure remote server.

Password Management Directory Password articles about password recovery, password security and other password topics in Password Management Directory.

Backup Schedule All about enterprise backup - enterprise backup systems, enterprise network backup. The best way to protect your business.

Backup Utilities Backup to hard drive is the safest backup method. Choose appropriate backup software from Backup Utilities!

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e-commerce Web site
Online payment system that can be employed by anyone e-mail address for sending, requesting, and receiving money.
Stove modelling application Computer-Aided Design system that is specifically designed and customized for the stove manufacturing companies.
e-commerce site
A CyberCash supported, mid-size, ecommerce site with an online catalog.
Content management system Content management system that automatically handles and organizes all existing content on the Web information portal.
Charter Flights Management System Back-office Intranet application allowing the client to quickly automate its flight handling process, from requisition to staffing and scheduling.
Financial Portal System which gives customers direct access to a wide variety of financial services provided by a number of companies.
Global medical insurance services A comprehensive web-enabled claims management solution.
Knowledge Integration A service that enables employees to access company knowledge base through a wide set of devices, e.g. Desktop Computers, PDA, cellular phones.
News Portal Service that uses legacy system to capture news from numerous resources.
PATS (Paperless Application Tracking System) A hiring workflow system for HR departments of governmental organizations.
Automated traffic control system Automated traffic control system that facilitates identification of stolen cars.
XQuery Test Applications Test application that could store a large number of Personal Information Records in predefined format.
Electronic payment system Electronic Payment System that automates the insurance claims processing and coding.
iMode application (Personal information storage) The applet designed for Java enabled phones that records and stores the medical info.
E-commerce site with full set of online shopping capabilities. B2C E-commerce Web site for selling luggage items.
Staff Recruiting Portal Interactive Web site that is committed to facilitate new employees recruiting from all around the world.
Diabetes Tools Wireless The applet for widespread mobile phones that allows a user to input and store diabetes-related data, analyze the patient's records and present them in comprehensible charts.
Travel portal E-commerce portal for traveling services.
Document management system Document management system that automates the processes of creating, approving and auditing all documents related to quality assurance.
Order processing system
Order processing system for a printing media enterprise.
Irrigation System Complex hardware and software solution that monitors and optimizes the water and nutrients supply in irrigation systems.
Trackwatch Controller Redesign the existing real-time data processing and monitoring system in contemporary object-oriented environment and porting onto Windows platform.
Medical Claims Processing System Web-based B2B Medical Claims Processing System that processes and validates medical claims
Rentware Windows Software package for car rental companies ported from DOS to Windows
Order-processing e-commerce site Order-processing e-commerce site with centralized shopping cart that enables static Web sites to sell their products online
Web Based Bug Tracking System Web Based Bug Tracking System that coordinates and controls the processes of program testing, bug finding of fixing
B2C Web site B2C e-commerce site, where online shoppers can purchase software or download a trial version.
E-business Web site E-business Web site with comprehensive online catalogue of the dietary supplements
Individual Bankruptcy A solution that assists users in preparing the documents for court review in required format
Delphi-based electronic data processing systems Solution automates and streamlines all major business procedures of the company with several geographically distributed offices
Enterprise Accounting System Re-engineering: Platinum SQL customization Platinum SQL Enterprise Accounting System customization
eCRM system CRM solution that encompasses consolidated customer base, knowledge database, and relationship management module.
File Distributor A solution that automates the process of multiple site upgrades.
Chart Generator: Internet Decision Support System A client-server application for brokerage house that helps to analyze market indices and trends.
Refueling sales automation A system that automates major internal and external business processes and supports new advanced payment methods.
File swapping peer-to-peer system A peer-to-peer system that serves as a platform for online community and supports exchange of the sizable files among its users.
DB/2 Booster for mainframe systems Program that improves performance of DS/2-based mainframe systems.
Automated Affiliate Marketing System Program that automates client accounts processing and management in affiliate marketing system.
Content Management System for healthcare organizations Dynamic content management system for healthcare organizations.
Forex trading system Internet-based system to trade in Forex market.
Volunteer Activities Coordinator Business application for volunteer organizations to coordinate volunteer search and recruiting
Weather forecast system Software solution that collects and analyzes weather information and generates weather forecasts.
Demographica A Web application that is to be integrated with an existing Web site to conduct online surveys and get a Web site demographics as well as other related statistic.
Incident Reporting System Web based system for collecting, storing, and analyzing enterprise incident information,
Novosoft Mobile Instant Messenger (MIM) A mobile solution that provides GSM subscribers with access to Internet Messaging networks directly from their mobile phones
Online Corporate Real Estate (CRE) Management System A web-based solution that delivers CRE assets management tools quickly, reliably and securely
A truncate implementation of JDO interfaces A truncate implementation of JDO interfaces, mainly intended for quick and efficient testing of JDO compliant API applications.