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  Individual Bankruptcy

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Customer (country)

American provider of legal services on the Internet

Business Case

In order to officially become bankrupt, an individual should submit a package of specific documents to the court. Multiple documents on different forms need to be submitted; therefore the companies often need assistance in processing the documents. Usually, the individuals applying for bankruptcy prepare all the necessary documents using help of legal firms. However, since lawyers process the papers manually, the whole process is slow. Also, it tends to be expensive to use legal services. The client saw a business demand in the market for the software solution that would automatically produce the documents for court review in the required formats.


In respond to the business need, Novosoft developed software that allows users to automatically receive the needed documents in pre-defined formats after preliminary inputting required data, i.e. personal information, data about creditors, debts, assets. The solution has user-friendly interface enabling users to easily navigate across the web site. There are two major business advantages. First, the solution allows users to prepare the documents for court much faster than if a person used legal services. Second, the solution is very-cost effective, compared to hiring lawyers.

Tools and Technologies

PHP, MySQL, PDF (.pdf Lab), Linux

Novosoft customer got a much demanded on the market solution, which helped to attract many clients and generate a large amount of revenue.
Final users benefit from the new service as well, which is more effective and less costly than existing solutions.

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