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backup to ftp You can use Handy Backup software to manage backup to ftp, backup to external hard drives, or record backup to DVD discs.

bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.

RTF TO HTML RTF to XML Converter - fast way to convert RTF to HTML format

Freeware & Shareware software On you can find any type of education software you need.

automated testing tool Testing Master is automated testing tool which helps you automated test web site for performance and to find bottlenecks easy and effective.

backup to SFTP Use Novosoft Office Backup to backup to SFTP and forget about data loss.

Remote Backup Service - backup and storage of important data on secure remote server.

Password Management Directory Password articles about password recovery, password security and other password topics in Password Management Directory.

Backup Schedule All about Backup Software - Hard Drive Backup Software, Server Backup Software, Online Backup Software. Decide which backup variety best suits you.

Backup Utilities Save your precious data with the best backup software from our HDD backup chapter of Backup Utilities directory!

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  Lotus Notes Products

Novosoft Domino Grid

ActiveX Grid

Novosoft ActiveX Grid is an ActiveX dll product, specifically developed for being used with Lotus Notes applications. It is an easy to use solution that helps to present your data in the table format and has extensive editing possibilities. It allows you to visualize heterogeneous table data, set an embedded editor for any cell and a lot more. Novosoft ActiveX Grid supports all standard data types for cell values. Using this component allows expanding the interface possibilities of the Lotus Notes and Internet Explorer forms.


  • User-friendly interface;
  • Easy to learn and use;
  • Supports all Win32 platforms (Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP);
  • Easy integration with Lotus Notes.

Key Features

  • Flexible and comprehensive customization for all cells:
    Customization support in the design-time mode,
    Customization support in the run-time mode;
    Fixed cells support;
    Extensive customization opportunities (color, font, alignment, word wrap, display format of numbers and dates, etc).
  • Embedded editors support;
  • Events support;
    Broad opportunities for supporting events that are created for userís actions.
    You can process over 10 events in order to set the control behavior for different user actions:
    At cells editing;
    At cells selection;
    At switching between cells;
    At dragínídrop exchange.

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