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backup to ftp You can use Handy Backup software to manage backup to ftp, backup to external hard drives, or record backup to DVD discs.

bookmark manager Handy Password has a bookmark manager. Now all bookmarks are easily accessible by a user.

RTF TO PDF RTF to XML converts from RTF to PDF file format

Freeware & Shareware software On you can find any type of education software you need.

Testing Master performs website stress testing stress
testing of web sites
and intranet applications.

Outlook Express backup Outlook Express backup with Novosoft Office Backup will prevent you from data loss.

Remote Backup Service - backup and storage of important data on secure remote server.

Password Management Directory We strongly encourage you to submit password software, articles, reviews to Password Management Directory.

Backup Schedule All about Backup Software - Hard Drive Backup Software, Server Backup Software, Online Backup Software. Decide which backup variety best suits you.

Backup Utilities Save your precious data with the best backup software from our HDD backup chapter of Backup Utilities directory!

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  Novosoft Remote Backup Service

With Novosoft Remote Backup Service you can upload to server, save and keep, restore and retrieve necessary documents. After Handy Backup installation you point out what files and folders should be backed up and set up a schedule. And then you can forget about boring but important job, copying of files and folders - Novosoft Remote Backup Service will carry out your order automatically.


  • Don't need to store backup media;
  • You have access to your data from any computer - when you need and where you need.

Key Features

  • Flexible storage capacity.

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